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Tony Velat

VFC Shoulder Board

A Vice Flotilla Commander has the primary responsibility for administration and coordination of the flotilla staff and is essentially the Chief of Staff for the flotilla. A VFC is also an elected office. Each year, upon the election of the FC and VFC, the FC will appoint Flotilla Staff Officers (FSO) for each of the following internal functions: CS, FN, IS, MA, MT, PS, PA, PB, and SR. In addition, a Flotilla Staff Officer is to be appointed for at least one external program in Recreational Boating Safety or Coast Guard Support: AN, CC, CM, MV, OP, PE and VE.

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USCG AUXOP Station, 202 Park Place, Alpena, MI 49707

Station Phone: 989-356-1656 | Auxiliary Email: Flotilla 26-04